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NotionWeb Web Design, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster

Our Values




No Jargon


Easy, simple and functional user designs.


Design & build can be tailored to your budget. No problem.


Designed to your requirements.


Access to a range of business consultants who can support you and offer coaching.



All the websites I create are built using WordPress. They are fully responsive for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices.

I’ve found that over the years too much jargon has confused customers. I decided to start NotionWeb because of my interest in web design. I was frustrated by the way the businesses communicated with their clients. I felt I could offer a more personal service.

I’m all about honest, simple web designs that are easy to use for the customer / visitor.

Many businesses feel it necessary to make them visually appealing and overload them with effects but when you try to use them they don’t function very well for the user and because they can’t see the information they are after they go elsewhere.

I balance the designs I create on a mixture of professional finish and user experience. 

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If you are interested in discussing your web project then please get in touch.

I’d be happy to discuss your requirements and help you build an online presence.

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