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The reason we offer affordable website designs is because we believe small businesses should have the opportunity to get online at a reasonable cost. Just because we are cheaper does not mean the quality is less. We don’t have huge overheads, so we pass this saving on to the customer. During the recent pandemic a number of businesses are having to pivot their business models to sell online as well. We would recommend that if you have a physical store / shop you also have an online store so you can still trade if you are closed again due to a lockdown or another similar situation.

Yes, we can do this for you and if required we have access to a trusted IT 3rd party whom we can put you in touch with to help with any email or pc related set ups.

Yes, we can create you an online store no problem. We use Woo Commerce to do this and we set up your payment gateway as well. Normally this is PayPal. We would normally ask you to provide the product images all the same size along with product descriptions & prices.

We normally ask the customer to provide the written content for the website. If you are not a confident writer and some people find this really difficult then we can create copy for you and where this requires specialist knowledge, we’d have it written for you by a professional copy writer and we would quote for this separately

Yes, we normally do this in most cases for small businesses because if there are any issues, we are able to support and fix this quickly. Where the customer stores the website on their own 3rd party server this makes the process more difficult.

Yes of course. Initially you will be given a homepage design preview to show you the layout and at this stage we’d ask you to sign off the design. We then build the other pages based on this concept ensuring each page has the relevant contact points for your customers.

Yes, but we have access to IT Support, Designers all who are excellent in their fields and we can put you in touch with them if you require brand guidance support.

Yes, we can design bespoke logos for you. If you require specialist logo files, we’d have this done by a graphic designer. All our logos come in PNG /JPG format.

Small changes to text and images we do not charge. Any new functionality or pages we would quote on an individual basis for this. This is normally if the business user is not confident in carrying out updates themselves.

Yes, we can set up google my business for you no problem if you are not confident in doing this. All we’d ask is for you to provide access to the Gmail account to do it or we would set one up on your behalf. If you already have one you could give us admin privileges to amend the listing.

This is simple. We are honest, friendly and affordable and we don’t have loads of staff, so you are not having to go through multiple chains of people. Offering a personal service to customers is important so they feel valued and not just a number in a large agency. It is easier to speak to a developer direct than having to relay information to many different people.

Yes, we can do this for you no problem. We’d factor in all your requests into our quote.

Yes, being a small business and to keep the cost of your build as low as possible for you we normally ask for 50% upfront then 50% on completion. We can discuss options for payment plan or instalments should you need this also.

The only restriction is we would prefer to host the website on our server. This would mean we have control should anything go wrong. We don’t make you sign 12-month contracts etc we don’t operate like that and have found from experience that it is counter productive to any customer relationship. We have good relationships with our existing customers.

We don’t offer this solution however we have knowledge of some industry award winning agencies who are specialists in this area and will deliver you quality results. Please do ask if you require further information on this and we would be happy to share or recommend to you.

Feel free to drop us a message on our Facebook chat or send us a message via the contact form if you have any particular questions we’ve not covered above.

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