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Gordon Bottomley Sticks and Whips

Gordon Bottomleys Sticks and Whips

Gordon contacted me because he was looking to have a website built for him by a local business. Being new to the digital space this was all very new to him.

The project began with a discovery call to identify his needs and requirements and the objective and what he was looking to achieve. Gordon was noticeably clear and honest in that he didn’t want anything over complicated or e-commerce related.

After our initial discovery call, we spoke through some ideas and designs on how his website could work for him and his business.

A draft design was created for him to see visually and his graphic designer provided his logo design.

Gordon provided all his text and images related to his Hunting Whips and Sticks. This was important so we could get the terminology correct for his specialism. NotionWeb worked at Gordons pace and supported him through the whole process so he understood what certain things meant.

Finally, Gordon signed off his design and we published his new website. During the first couple of weeks the website was monitored for performance and I am pleased to say he has already received several messages requesting him to quote for products.

Look at some of his amazing pieces of work via the below link sections:

Walking Sticks

Hunting Whips

Google Analytics data

A little snapshot below on how his website has been performing in the last few weeks. 26 events have also been recorded for contacting him about pricing and quotations.

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