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NotionWeb Web Design, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster
Tribe PT Trowbridge

The Project

Create a new website that could give the client a cleaner more professional user experience enabling fitness clients to get their fitness information, book online and download the app.

Tribe PT Trowbridge is experiencing a period of significant growth and expansion.


Dean approached me after a recommendation from another client I worked with. He was after a website redesign that incorporated his brand and would enable his clients to get make contact easily and download the fitness app that team Tribe has.

After we received his brief and what his plans were NotionWeb went to work and created a design for Dean to view. We then made changes and updates real time that suited his working pattern.

NotionWeb don’t work like other web agencies and will speak to clients to fit their working patterns. Content and images were supplied out of hours and updated in real time with speed.

The personal relationship we have built has been amazing and we look forward to working with Tribe PT Trowbridge as they go through their growth plans. During the last 6 months we have adjusted as required as per Dean’s instructions due to the expansion and training course changes he had put in place.

Thanks to Tribe PT Trowbridge for being a fantastic client to work with.

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