E-Commerce Project

The Project

Create a new website with clean WordPress install and include SEO on all products. Build a smoother user experience and simplier check out process. 

Tiny Toes Baby Boutique Trowbridge is experiencing a period of significant growth and expansion.


Katy contacted NotionWeb after having some real problems with her online website store.  After an initial call I took a look at the current website and discovered some real problems and the decision was made to re-build with a clean installation of WordPress. A recent Woo-Commerce update had damaged the existing site and database. To my shock the site had been set as No Index and to discourage search engines from crawling the website. Her website was not being seen on Google. After making her aware of these problems I went to work in re-building and fixing all the problems that had given her huge amounts of stress.

I consulted her on designs she liked the look of, so I could try to provide a design that not only met her expectations, but also made the user journey and customer experience easier to shop with.

NotionWeb went to work and created a design that included adding all the Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Focus Keywords that were missing from the previous site to all products. A clean set up of google search console and analytics (again which were missing) and new site map were submitted to google so it can now find the website and improve her sales.

NotionWeb don’t work like web agencies 9-5 and will speak to clients to fit their working patterns. 

The personal relationship we have built has been a good one and NotionWeb look forward to working with Tiny Toes Baby Boutique Trowbridge as they go through their growth plans. 

Thanks to Tiny Toes Baby Boutique Trowbridge for being a great client to work with.

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